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Reusable Menstrual Pads

Reusable Menstrual Pads

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Our reusable menstrual pads are sourced from the UK, handmade by Honour Your Flow. Their pads are made from organic cottons and are also really pretty. We recommend storing used pads in one of our cheerful wash bags, which keeps them discreet in the bathroom, and then can be thrown in the wash with everything else. Rinse under cold water until the water runs clear and then it's ready to be tossed in the washing machine.


Regular Petite with wings - Regular pads for the petite woman or girl. These are ideal if you are a UK trouser size 6-8 or age 9-12. Regular-petite pads are made for your average flow days, have two inner layers and measure 8" by 2.5"


Regular with wings - Pads suitable for your Regular flow days, made with two layers of organic cotton fleece inside and backed with undyed organic washable wool. Suitable for you if you are a UK trouser size 8-12 These pads measure 9" x 2.75"


Regular long with wings - Regular pads with extra length, ideal for UK trouser size 14-20. Regular-long pads measure 11 x 3". They have two inner layers of organic cotton fleece.


Maxi with wings - Maxi pads are made with four layers of organic cotton fleece inside. Some have a layer of PUL, which is a totally waterproof barrier. The wool backed pads never have PUL in them. Maxi pads measure 11" x 3". Great for UK trouser size 8-16. Maxi pads are suitable for the heavy side of a normal flow.



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